Valley Imagery
The Valley Imagery website in smartphone view

What you see below is a live replica of a smartphone feed directly from the Valley Imagery site. It is inter-active so you can use it as though you are on the Valley Imagery website now:-

The website and services incorporate a number of features:

  • a gallery with each category rotating through images to present an overview of content
  • a photographer’s blog
  • details of the camera, settings and other information for each photography


Valley Imagery is based in Adelaide.vi2

The website content is maintained by Valley Imagery with technical support by gafferDesigns.

Project Details:

Lance Williamson


Valley Imagery


January 2014


Small business

wordpress-logo-notext-rgbThis site is based on a WordPress theme modified by gafferDesigns specifically for Valley Imagery to display a range of photographic photos and content. The site is responsive to the viewing device changing its appearance depending on the device.