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The Civil Liberties Australia website in smartphone view

What you see below is a live smartphone feed directly from the Civil Liberties Australia site. It is inter-active so you can use it as though you are on the website now:-

The Civil Liberties Australia website and services incorporate a number of features:

  • on-line membership and donation functionality based on ZenCart
  • An events diary
  • a Frequently Ask Questions function
  • a dedicated search functionality which does not share data with external providers (eg Google)
  • electronic annual general meetings and election of committee members

Electronic Elections
Civil Liberties Australia’s membership is drawn from across Australia and it is seen as important that all members be able to participate in its general meetings. Since 2009 Civil Liberties Australia has undertaken electronic annual general meetings and election of committee members in a process by designed and managed till 2015 by gafferDesigns – some 60% of the membership participated in on-line voting each year.

Main website

This site requires frequent updating with new content covering some 45+ individual category pages supporting over 2,000* search engine indexed URL’s. The site also utilises its own search engine, is linked to a client maintained calendar of events, supports RSS, runs min-polls and utilises a number of mysql databases. The Home page has a two column newspaper styled layout while other pages adopt a more traditional single column layout.

On-Line Membership
Civil Liberties Australia has a fully functioning membership system that enable members to pay join and renew membership on-line via credit card, cheque or direct deposit.


Project Details:

Lance Williamson


Civil Liberties Australia


May 2006


e-Commerce , Non profit

wordpress-logo-notext-rgb Civil Liberties Australia's site is based on a WordPress theme developed by gafferDesigns specifically for Civil Liberties Australia. The site is responsive to the viewing device changing its appearance depending on the device. Civil Liberties Australia is based in Canberra serving a national market.

The website is now maintained by CLA