ACT Equestrian Association

The ACT Equestrian Association was established in 1970 as an umbrella organisation to represent some 20 affiliate equestrians groups in Canberra and the local region in their endeavours at all levels of achievement.


The website was developed by gafferDesigns on behalf of the ACT Equestrian Association

It is a responsive design based around specific ACTEA requirements.

Project Details:

Lance Williamson


ACT Equestrian Assoctaion of ACT


July 2015


Assocations , Non profit


wordpress-logo-notext-rgb The ACTEA site is based on a WordPress theme developed by gafferDesigns for ACTEA based on the client requirement; it was revamped in December 2016.

The site is responsive to the viewing device changing its appearance depending on the device. ACTEA is based in Canberra

The website is now maintained by ACTEA volunteers